Homo Erectus


Ancestor of Homo Genus. (Humans)
It is widely accepted that population similar to Homo erectus was directly ancestral to the earliest members of living species Homo sapiens. The exact timing and mode of transformation are still controversial.

Homo erectus appears to have evolved in Africa about 1.8 million years ago. Migrations first to Asia and then to Europe. the species became extinct sometimes less than .5 million years ago. This timing places Homo erectus between Homo habilis and the earliest appearance of Homo sapiens. The time of migration out of Africa is unknown. Most scholars agreed migration occur about 1 million years ago but there is continue debate over how much earlier than this had begun.

Recently a Homo erectus lower jaw has been found in Georgia and said to be 1.6 million years ago. A number of important firsts were recorded during the Homo erectus’ existence.


The first appearance of hominids outside of Africa.
The first appearance of systematic hunting.
Tool making and use of fire.
First indication of extended childhood.
Homo erectus was capable of a more complex life.
The brain size was increased over halibis ranging between 850 and 1600cm cube.
Body size also increased. Reaching close to 1.8 meters in male and 1.55 meters in females.
The cranium is long and low and somewhat flattened at the front and back.
The cranial bone being thicker than in earlier hominids.
The face is short but wide and the nasal aperture projected forward, suggesting the first appearance of the typical human external nose with the nostril facing downward.
Pronounced brow ridges are present above the orbits.
The postcranial skeleton is similar to that of modern man but its robust and was clearly heavily muscled.
Homo erectus evidently routinely experienced heavy physical exertion.


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