A brief word on (last years) Scottish Independence


So Salmond..

Strange kind of ‘leaving behind’, keeping the pound, London dictating economic policy, keeping the Queen, hundreds of thousands of Scottish jobs dependent on the UK market.

Isn’t it just. But this is all part of the long term plan to deliver ‘utopia’. As you know we have seen a frighteningly persnickety attention to detail in the case laid out by the SNP for independence, and it’s proponents here. At no point has any question been treated with jejune emoticons, or disregarded with a flippant comment (sarcasm).

At no point have these proponents belittled the connection of valid concerned British citizens not of Scottish resident persuasion or revealed any bigotry to members of any party other than their own.

At no point have they not acknowledged that the most vocal members from all sides tend to be those most concerned with the outcome and/or reflected in the population ratio of the forum/country. i.e Scots supporting the SNP and independence rabidly tend to be the most vocal from Scotland. Those who merely wish to live with the Status quo (I say Status quo but politics can always seek improvement) tend to be quieter.

However the vote does affect other parts of the Union, the largest population being the English. To what extent can be argued of course. Scot’s who tend to be against independence are used to being drowned out by the SNP loudspeaker, broadcasting on all channels city to city without telephone connection.


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