Synergistically speaking

‘A lesson in Business Speak Nonsense’. A response To those at my workplace using phrases such as ‘Going Forward’.

Going forward…

I think you will find that it is best to provide synergistically productivate market positioning technology and efficiently aggregate flexible data, this will enable your workforce to compellingly negogiate timely networks and rapidly deploy high-quality e-commerce through being able to dynamically facilitate functionalised sources.

As such you will be able to continually simplify mission-critical e-commerce, synergistically transform progressive users, credibly leverage existing synergistic human capital, and of course efficiently simplify fully researched convergence.

Going forward then…

We must capitalise and enthusiastically administrate competitive ideas and in doing so seamlessly streamline vertical outsourcing but not in expense of distinctively repurposing focused outsourcing.

Through synergistic productivity then we can use a cascade of information hierarchy to completely extend client-centric infomediaries.



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