Longscreen has arrived, and other inventions/innovations.


Introducing the:

Samsung Zenith WL968BBZZZ111-A-HDMEDO-PLUS Longscreen OLED TV

With active Longvision tm combines a sharp OLED display and Smart TV technology with edgy gun metal Jacob Jensen design. Enjoy Full UHDTV images in 2D or 3D with high screen refresh rates for silky smooth viewing. See your favourite programmes in exceptional quality without a subscription on, and even enjoy your old media in a whole new way thanks to easy 2D to 3D conversion.

The Jacob Jensen aesthetic brings Danish design fundamentals like simple, stylish lines together with a functional Japanese twist. The outcome is a uniquely tapered TV design that uses chrome elements to create a floating effect that will totally immerse you in your media. When it’s switched off, it blends into the surrounding décor with all the discretion of a muted, mirrored surface.

Longvision with Longscreen TV’s is an exciting new technology taking the world by storm. Now see images in super high clarity but also very long. Wanted to see that rocket launching for longer? More of the sky on that documentary? Now you can.

Coming Soon the Widescreen Longscreen TV Convertor template and side mounted TV stand enabling you to mount your TV Longscreen

Medo – I have been waiting for this technology since the 80s. I will get two and stack them on top of each other to create a super-long-vision-ultra experience.

Mr Stairz – Well I don’t know about the rest of you but I fucking want one.

Mrs Octoman – Longscreen is the horn.

Alonzo – I would have sex with that TV.  My only issue is that it isn’t long enough.

Mr Belfast – Of course. Consumerism is the salvation from recession we crave. Buy buy buy!!!!

Update 7/5/2014:  We take your suggestions seriously.

That is why we are looking into Extra Long Longscreens, as well as a daisy chain system.

Mr Jimbob – Are you going to do them in widescreen? Because I would like one in widescreen.

Update 7/5/2014:  We take your suggestions seriously.

We are looking at a number of options for our future releases and I cannot discuss these openly at this moment in time.

I can however tell you that YES WE ARE RELEASING WIDESCREEN MODELS in 2015.

Keep an eye out for our Widescreen-Longscreen models available in the near future.


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