Time+Human Suffering=Wonder



Often people like those I often have to deal with swear that the Pyramids (any pyramid of what we call ancient origin) are built wonders that cannot be explained by any reasonable and rational means whatsoever. Their construction they claim was beyond the minds and means of the Civilisations* that built them at the time. That Aliens must have done it, presumably with some sort of exotic technology. Anti-Gravity perhaps? They then said well isn’t that lovely and promptly left of course. Now this is NOT to say they didn’t build these things, or that they didn’t exist. However there is ZERO evidence of this, and it is merely ridiculous postulation. Some jump to this position immediately, indeed without even exhausting reasonable positions.

I have coined the phrase ‘Aliens of the Gaps’ theory. A take on ‘God of the Gaps’. You’ll have to look it up if you so wish.

Well without waffling on any more basically I can sum up the building of an ancient wonder thusly:

Time is an all important factor. Many things can be achieved given sufficient time, or indeed a lot of it.

Manpower. Throw enough men (meaning and women) at something i.e through forced labour, slavery, and frequently death you can achieve great things. Humanity learnt this lesson a long time ago.

So Time+Human Suffering=Wonder.


It is extremely difficult to reason someone out of a position they didn’t reason themselves into in the first place.

*Civilisation rather suggests something there doesn’t it?


One response to “Time+Human Suffering=Wonder

  1. In my opinion when people talk about such things and bring up aliens, cover-ups and whatnot it is usually a case of the misguided being mislead by the misinformed. Nowhere along the reasoning process is there a shred of logic or evidence.

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