HTC One M9 renders revealed

Renders of the new handset; are they accurate?

HTC M9 renders.  Source

HTC M9 renders. Source

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HTC aren’t quite the powerhouses of Samsung and Apple but they really know how to a make a smartphone.  As shown in a previous post I regard HTC as being in the upper-echelons of smartphones in all categories.

These are merely renders, although impressive ones at that, but if they even bear the slightest resemblance to the released phone we could be looking at arguably the most beautiful smartphone yet.  HTC use aluminum machined bodies and a solid chassis for strength.  With a real attention to aesthetics HTC have earnt a reputation for being a cut above most, and some say all of it’s rivals.  Certainly Apple have a real competitor here in the design stakes here.

HTC have been making metal phones for some time.  The designation of M apparently signifies metal with the number being the chronological iteration.  The M7 was a major shift for HTC, and it was the phone that needed to turn the companies flagging fortunes around.  It started that process well, and that trend has continued with the M8.  The M7 was widely regarded as the most stunning Android phone ever seen, and the M8 was no different in that regard.

HTC will unveil its next-generation flagship smartphone during a press conference on March 1st in Barcelona, Spain. The event will take place just ahead of the annual Mobile World Congress trade show.


HTC M9 renders. Source

HTC M9 renders.  Source

HTC M9 renders. Source


HTC M9 renders. Source


HTC M9 renders. Source


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