My Art, My motivation.

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My Portfolio Examined

Notes from a previous self

Concepts tend to nag at me constantly.  They are always there, at the fringes of my thought process; it’s just that they take longer to surface.  When an idea is definite, it is unmovable and is seen through with conviction. 

I am a photographer first and foremost who enjoys dealing with the personal, particularly with subjects that involve both familiarity and intimacy.  What matters to be is the fundamental, the real and the juxtaposition and connection between the physical and the meta-physical.  Beauty is a vague notion and certainly as it resides ‘in the eye of the beholder’, but beauty is what forms the basis of all my passions, be it photography or any other subject. 

I believe in the fundamental, the genuine and the romantic.  These attributes shape my attitude both in my personal life and my work, inextricably connected as they are.  My personal beliefs, history, experiences and understanding are triggered to surface amongst the imagery of all my work, and are equally as relevant within the context of this particular project.

I am always emotive in my approach, and strive to use evocative material as the basis for my work.  As a major part of this work I have looked into notions of the body beautiful as well as the genre of female nudity, whilst paying homage to its traditional and sensual overtones.  I have also explored the issues of misogyny, the ‘gaze’ and aspects of feminism and female empowerment.  The relationship between society and the media, including its ideological framework is very much under the spotlight with my work.


My Portfolio Examined


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