We are all Africans



There’s no point describing a person as being of African descent – that’s describing the entire human race.

– Xenocrates

The story of Humanity is written in our genes.  Thanks to the great scientific endevour we are now able to tell the story in exquisite detail, and we are now able to read that story; indeed it’s encoded into every one of us.

What I’m talking about is the now widely accepted “Out of Africa” model which describes how humans migrated out of Africa over the last 4 million years or so, creating the many genetic mutations over time that we understand as phenotypes. These phenotypes are what older German scientists first classified as “race”. The process creating these races is fascinating.

You and I, in fact everyone all over the world,
we’re literally African under the skin; brothers and sisters
separated by a mere two thousand generations.
Old-fashioned concepts of race are not only socially divisive,
but scientifically wrong.

– Dr Spencer Wells


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