Dawn of the Drones ! +++Video+++

Clearly drones are part of the ‘autonomous future’, with A.I and advanced personal flying-craft featuring strongly.

With Civil Aviation authorities grappling with the regulations for a future sky filled with these things, Postmodern corporations wanting to grasp the economic potential by delivering to your door, and the military wanting to take the vulnerable and expensive human out of the equation, one thing is clear; drones are going to be a major feature in human life (or death) and activity.

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Hello fellow readers, bloggers, humans and aliens!

There’s been a huge hype about drones and quadrocopters for the last couple of months – I guess this is a form of aviation, too, right ? So, let’s deal with it. Amazon announced its program “Amazon Air” recently, with the aim to deliver their packages even faster with drones politicians fear terroristic attacks performed by quadrocopter, and a company even announced a little version of a quadrocopter that can be worn on the wrist of your arms !

One can think what he wants about this controversial topic, but I definitely think that these little things are about to take video-and photography to a whole new level ! Starting with prices as cheap as 70€, every single talented (and of course less talented) photographer, even with monetary limits, has the possibility to make his great ideas come alive.

I would like to share the…

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