The AWT Gentleman’s 7 Smartphone.

The AWT Gentleman’s 7 Smartphone & the Lady’s 7 mini.


The Archibald Wireless Telematic Series Specifications so far.

Gentleman’s 7:
  • Highly polished laminated oak wood framed side mirrors for rear scrutiny and forward Newton ™ prism periscope for forward attentions.
  • Hand cranked wireless direct current charging.
  • Polyphonic Bells.
  • Easy touch pro glide bronze rotary for easier dialing.
  • Built in stainless steel compass and navigation sextant extension.
  • Reduced gramophone earpiece.
  • Instant Telegram Messaging.  ITM.
  • Brass and Bronze constuction.
  • Straps for wearing on the rear.
Ladies 7:

Most specifications similar to the above but also with:

  • For the fairer sex, with cushioned hand rest dialer.
  • Scent dispenser and purse.
  • Wheeled single staff maple support for the fatigued and unaccustomed lady of leisure.

A selection of mahogany and oak accessories.


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