The Kitty-Mer Accords

The Peace Purr-cess of the Great Powers:  Averting a Cat-astrophe.

The Kitty-Mer Accords (not be be confused with the entirely fictional Khitomer Accords) consisted of two historic peace treaties between the League of Extraordinary Cats and the United Federation of Kittehs and were the first steps in reconciliation between the two powers.  These steps were started after the cessation of cat-fighting between the two powers 20 years previously; fighting which occurred after the death of President Lemmy and the ensuing power struggles between the two factions. The accords were signed at the Kitty-Mer Conference in 2032 in Porto, Portugal. *More details to follow* Key figures in the  peace purr-cess: Cat_poster_1 Top Left.  Sir Swampy-Huntingdon-Meow.  Chief architect of the peace process. Top Middle.  Lord Nemmy of Devon.  President of the United Federation of Kittehs. Top Right.  Abrahan Abilo.  President of the League of Extraordinary Cats.  Wearer of the Lemmy Collar of Justice and Truth. Bottom left.  US Senator George Mitchell.  Chief Mediator in the peace process. Bottom Middle.  Mary-Jane Miaowski.  Secretary General to the United Nations of Kitty-Cats. Bottom Right.  Some Kitty that managed to get in the photo.  Cheeky blighter.


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