Fayetteville: New River Gorge Bridge

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We drove through the mountains of West Virginia. It was a different place. People look different, they act different, they speak different. They say things “god bless your heart” and “have a blessed day” to complete strangers. It may be different but it was also beautiful. The Appalachian Mountains, while scattered with overall wearers is also a beautiful place. The scenery is green trees lining the mountaintop. There are rolling green hills as far as the eye can see.

 photo 10341657_10204615513488649_651950097738131677_n.jpg

 photo 10538592_10204615511288594_8549385440083634733_n.jpg

 photo 10409582_10204615513528650_4446498157844699128_n.jpg

We took a stop in Fayetteville, West Virginia for a short hike to see the New River Gorge Bridge. I wasn’t sure what to expect by this stop. This was just a stop on the way back home from Myrtle Beach. Why not take a rest stop in a scenic location?

 photo 10626651_10204615485647953_4338203864742326027_n.jpg

I was pleasant surprised by this stop. The view was beautiful. It was a hazy day but that simply added…

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